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Tbilisi Georgia-Tbilisi Cost of living - Tbilisi Quality of life - Tbilisi Tourism - Tbilisi Expat
Tbilisi Georgia-Tbilisi Cost of living - Tbilisi Quality of life - Tbilisi Tourism - Tbilisi Expat

Empowering you with comprehensive solutions for remote banking, company formation, tax structuring, residency, investment, crypto solutions, and business structuring.


Explore Remote Banking Solutions in Georgia

Discover the world of secure and trustworthy banking options in Georgia without leaving your home. The total opening process can be done 100% remotely – receive your physical cards by parcel carrier, and manage your account online through efficient internet and mobile banking. Diversify your banking portfolio with our hassle-free remote individual bank account opening services and enjoy absolute control over your finances anytime, anywhere.
In addition, explore the vast wealth management opportunities with leading Georgian banks. Engage in financial trading of worldwide stocks in the leading international stock exchange places, through individual or corporate accounts. Take advantage of Georgia’s favorable taxation regime and maximize your wealth’s growth potential.


Remote Company Formation in Georgia

Maximize your business potential with our remote company formation services. Whether you’re establishing an Individual Entrepreneurship, an LLC, or seeking special status companies, we provide tailor-made solutions that fit your business needs.
With Individual Entrepreneurs paying only 1% tax and many special statuses allowing as low as 0% or only 5% income tax or dividends, it’s time to explore options like International status company, virtual zone company, or free zone company in Georgia.


Optimize with Taxation Structuring in Georgia

Leverage Georgia’s unique taxation policies to your benefit. Our taxation structuring services aim to help you make the most out of Georgia’s Individual Territorial taxation regime where all your passive foreign income is exempted.
With Double Taxation Agreements (DTA) with many countries, we can help you dramatically lower your business and individual taxes, thereby maximizing your financial efficiency.


Residency and Taxation Incentives in Georgia

Experience the freedom and advantages of becoming a Georgian resident without living in or even visiting Georgia. Our services will guide you through the process of gaining High Net Worth Residency or help you explore other paths to residency such as setting up an LLC or investing in real estate worth at least $100,000. Enjoy Georgia’s taxation benefits and leverage the attractive incentives it has to offer based on your conditions and needs.


Passive Income Opportunities in Real Estate and Clean Energy

Georgia’s thriving real estate market and promising clean energy sectors present diverse investment opportunities.With real estate income taxed at only 5% and capital gain from selling real estate exempted after only two years, there’s never been a better time to invest.
Additionally, the burgeoning clean energy sector powered by hydro energy potential and incentivized solar energy make it a rewarding avenue for investment.
If you have a trading business, consider the benefits of the trade international company with its 5% taxation and if you are into industrial businesses, take advantage of the 0% taxation of the free zones, low electricity cost, low wages, and trade agreement with European Union countries, Japan, China, Canada, and former CIS countries.


Embrace Crypto-Friendly Solutions in Georgia

Step into the future of finance with our comprehensive crypto solutions. In a country that embraces digital currencies, you have the freedom to explore crypto trading, cash out with ease, and even purchase real estate using cryptocurrencies.
Moreover, the thriving mining scene and our assistance in licensing for a Crypto exchange business allow you to make the most of the crypto boom. Experience a seamless crypto journey with our solutions that ensure security and efficiency in every transaction.


Bridging Business Opportunities with CIS Countries

Located at the crossroads of Western and Central Asia, Georgia embodies a unique blend of Eastern heritage and Western advancements. It is a country rapidly integrating into the Western world, with strengthening partnerships with Europe, USA, and other Western countries. However, Georgia’s potent history and robust business ties with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) remain vibrant and influential.
As geopolitical dynamics continue to evolve, Georgia serves as a compelling bridge for trading, investing, and banking between Western nations and former Soviet countries, including Russia. By strategically leveraging Georgia’s geo-economic position, businesses can navigate the complexities of cross-border commerce, explore new markets, and secure promising opportunities.
Whether you’re importing or exporting goods, requiring banking solutions with local currencies, or seeking to tap into untapped markets, Georgia presents itself as an optimal platform for your ambitions. Turn transitions into triumphs with our dedicated business structuring solutions tailored for thriving in the CIS market.


Start Your Financial Journey in Georgia Today

At Happy Georgia, we believe in the transformative potential of strategic financial decisions. With the right guidance and a comprehensive suite of services, you can harness the advantages offered by Georgia’s economic climate to chart a course towards financial success.

We understand the complexities of making these critical decisions and setting up in a new country. That’s why we’re here to support you every step of the way – from establishing banking relationships and incorporating your company, to structuring your taxes and exploring investment opportunities.

Whether you’re an individual, a seasoned entrepreneur, or a burgeoning business, Happy Georgia provides you with a gateway to the opportunities Georgia has to offer.

Don’t wait to capitalize on the benefits of banking, company formation, investment, and more in this vibrant and rapidly growing nation. Contact Happy Georgia today, and let’s embark on this financial journey together.