Batumi wins 2022 Europe's Leading Emerging Tourism Destination Award

Batumi wins 2022 Europe's Leading Emerging Tourism Destination Award
Batumi wins 2022 Europe's Leading Emerging Tourism Destination Award

In October 2022, Batumi won the Award of Europe’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination at the 29th World Travel Awards. Considered the equivalent of an Oscar for the tourism industry, World Travel Awards is one of the most prestigious and comprehensive awards in the global tourism industry. Batumi has been officially named as a “host city of the 2023 World Travel Awards”. The capital city of the Adjara region already received the same award in 2019.

Adjara, Where The Caucasus Mountains Fall Into The Sea

Adjara is one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia. It is located southwest of Georgia and extends along the black sea coastline. The pontic and subtropical climate provides Batumi with warm summers and mild winters.

Nature is Adjara’s major attraction. The nature of Adjara, as everywhere in Georgia, is intact and superb. Lush environment, waterfalls, lakes, and rivers, more than 60% of Adjara is covered by forests, including the great subtropical rain forests of Mtirala National Park. Adjara inspires nature and rural tourism lovers, ski enthusiasts, and winter sports lovers.

But it is, of course, for its beaches that Adjara is best known. Numerous seaside resorts flourish in Adjara Region. Sarpi, Kobuleti. Tsikhisdziri, Green Cape, and of course, Batumi, the exhilarating capital of Adjara.

Batumi Adjara, A Dynamic City

Located on the black sea shores, Batumi, the “Pearl of the Black Sea,” is the dynamic capital of Adjara and the main prosperous seaside resort of the country.

An elegant blend of European and oriental architectural styles dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the third city of Georgia is renowned for its sweet way of life and festive nights. Nestled in a bay (Batus – meaning deep bay –) with lush vegetation, teeming palm trees, cypresses, and magnolias—Batumi surprises you with its Mediterranean atmosphere, without comparison with the rest of Georgia.

Batumi’s Bubbling Energy

Today Batumi is booming. Recent renovations of the old town have been carried out while developing breathtaking and avant-garde new buildings that stand harmoniously with Batumi’s history and classical architecture. The City of Arts, famous for its contemporary sculptures like the iconic “Nino and Ali”, Batumi is the cultural epicenter of the region. Along with numerous museums, Batumi hosts major cultural and sports events in Georgia throughout the year, like the Black Sea Jazz Festival and countless other International classic and electronic music festivals, which attract more and more visitors every year. Summer is Hot in Batumi!

Batumi Sweet Beaches

The seaside resorts flourish all along the coast of Adjara. Batumi is the most important one. It offers endless possibilities for leisure and entertainment. Bungalows, beach bars, restaurants, sports facilities, and water parks can be found along the extensive beaches. The Indian summers are long in Batumi Adjara. You can swim from the beginning of May until October when it is common to see Black Sea Dolphins playing freely near the beaches. Dolphins are one of the iconic symbols of Batumi.

Las Vegas On The Black Sea

At Batumi, you will never be far from the excitement of gambling! Many visitors enjoy Batumi’s long subtropical summers and try their luck in high-end casinos. Radisson, Radisson Blu, Hilton, Wyndham, Sheraton, Meridien, Best Westerns, all these five-star hotel brands have their casinos integrated into the hotel and give Batumi’s waterfront a Las Vegas by the Sea look at nightfall.

Batumi is the Best Tourist destination in Georgia Country

Georgia Country is one of the fastest-growing tourism destinations globally and has gained recognition internationally.

  • National Geographic included Tbilisi in its Top 10 places to visit in 2019
  • The Lonely Planet travel guide named Georgia among its Top 10 destinations in 2019.
  • In 2019 and 2022, Batumi won the World Travel Awards for Europe’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination.

Thanks to the visa-free Regime, the number of international travelers reached a new record of 4.2 million international visitors in 2019. Not so bad for a country of fewer than 4 million people.

Still, in 2022, Georgia invests in developing transportation and infrastructure and creating new tourism destinations, particularly in Kutaisi and new winter sports resorts like Gudauri and Godzerzi. The tourism industry is currently one of the best investment sectors in Georgia Country.

If you want to know more about the tourism industry in Georgia and get the most interesting opportunities and Batumi is Best Place in Georgia Country, get in touch with one of our investment experts.

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