Easy bank account opening for non-Residents, 100% remote.

Welcome to Happy Georgia, one of the leading experts in bank account opening for non-residents in Georgia, one of the world’s best and most modern banking systems.

What will you get?

Why is Georgia one of the best destinations for banking?

What do I need to open my account remotely in Georgia?

That’s all. We will take care of the K.Y.C., document translations, and all other administrative and banking matters.

Bank account opening in one of the leading banks in Georgia

Individual Account

100% Remote

Only 550€

You don't need to travel to Georgia.

How fast & secure is a bank account opening in Georgia country with Happy Georgia?

Once the opening process is completed, we will send you all the documents and the debit cards by express and secure mail. Happy Georgia opening process is impressively fast and 100% safe.

What are my guarantees?

You only pay 50% upfront to cover translations, Georgian documents notarization, and the K.Y.C. fees.

You pay the remaining 50% only when the opening process is completed. When We have your account numbers, cards, and password in hand.

Since the 50% upfront payment covers effective expenses, they can not be refunded if the application is unsuccessful.

Our success rate is high. Before starting a bank account opening process, our experts estimate your specific case and situation. If we judge the chances are low, we will let you know. You can then withdraw (without paying anything) or continue the process with us, as described above.

Why could you need an international alternative bank account?

Those are just a few reasons that make you need an international alternative bank account.

Every situation is unique, but if you think well, you surely have your own reasons.