For Digital Nomads, The World is Changing Fast!

For Digital Nomads, The World is Changing Fast! For The Best.
Happy Georgia Blog For Digital Nomads, The World is Changing Fast! For The Best.

We look forward to making 2022 a year full of promises, hopes for change, and commitments. In this World in a big transition, this new coming period may be the right time for a new beginning. It can be a time to seize new opportunities, launch a new project, put one’s life back in order, or get one’s project back on track. 

For Digital Nomad and remote work, Georgia is one of the most open countries in the World and has so many advantages to offer in this regard. Georgia is currently a country to consider for working, international business, and even living in.

  • Georgia is a beautiful European-style country, low-cost and safe. 
  • Its immigration legislation is designed to welcome and speed up foreign workers’ settlement as much as possible. 
  • The country offers advantageous territorial taxation for foreigners—an ideal tax regime for digital nomads whose clients are located abroad.
  • Georgia is well connected with many Big Cities in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 


The Beginning Of The New Era For Digital Nomads And Remote Work. 

Over the last ten years, we have seen a change in working methods. We have seen the tremendous development of collaborative work and flexible office space. More and more people discover these new perspectives: Remote work has become the norm. We understand that we are free to work wherever we want. Not to be tied to a particular location, whether in our own country or abroad. 

Web entrepreneurs, E-commerce entrepreneurs, IT freelancers, developers, online teachers, personal coaches, or web content creators working in a profession related to digital or any business and activity you can perform from a computer and an Internet connection will probably explode in the coming years. The Digital Nomads, Perpetual Travelers, Borderless Workers, or Independent Location Workers are these entrepreneurs of a new generation who make remote work their way of life. 


Digital Nomads: A Booming Way Of Life.

 2020 and 2021 have enabled most people to experience new perspectives: working from their computers and home. Remote work has suddenly become one of the fastest-growing lifestyles today. Some predictive figures are breathtaking. There will be a billion digital nomads on the planet by 2035. 

This new way of working meets the needs of new generations of remote workers who want to work while enjoying life while having a real work-life balance. More and more digital nomads want to live and work for part of the year in a low-cost country while discovering a new culture and increasing their quality of life.

For Digital Nomads, working from abroad for their clients is becoming an increasingly interesting option. But working from a foreign country can sometimes be a legal and administrative headache. A visa usually lasts for three months or even one month. To be able to work legally in the chosen country, it is sometimes necessary to engage in a more or less complicated integration process. In this regard, Georgia has a lot to offer.


Georgia Is One Of The Most Open Countries In The World For Digital Nomads.

Not only has Georgia simplified all its bureaucracy, but it is also a country that favors the settlement of foreign workers. It is one of the most open countries in the World. Nationals from about a hundred countries can enter the country without a visa. They can stay for a whole year. They have the right to work, start an economic activity, rent an apartment quickly, and enjoy all of Georgia’s advantages.


Georgia Is One Of The Sweetest Low-Cost Countries In Europe.

 Tbilisi, the capital, is a city of European influence where it is good to live and work. The cost of living is meager. The climate is delightful and very similar to the Mediterranean climate. The Bohemian-style capital is full of charms, and the Georgians are people with a strong sense of hospitality, unique gastronomy, and world-class wines. The country also has a breathtaking unspoiled nature. No doubt you will enjoy remote work from this country! Like all capital-city, the nightlife is well developed, and the icing on the cake, Georgia is a safe country.


Georgia Offers An Extraordinarily Advantageous Tax Regime For Digital Nomads: A 1% Tax On Their Income.

If you want to run a business remotely from Georgia, the Small Business Status offers incredible tax advantages. 

For digital nomads, remote workers, and self-employed individuals with a foreign source of income and for anyone else operating or planning to conduct a sole proprietorship business in Georgia, the Small Business Status is the best option that offers the lowest tax rates. 1% tax up to 125,000 euros of sales and 3% of your annual gross turnover is over 125 000 euros. 

Thanks to the Georgian territorial regime, If your income comes from foreign sources, you will not be taxed on that income. Individual Entrepreneurs, Remote Workers, Digital Nomads, Freelancers, Individual Entrepreneurs, Welcome to Georgia!

This fantastic Small Business Status is ideal for doing business through your Georgia-registered sole proprietorship and working for your clients mainly outside Georgia. Ice on the Cake: You don’t have to live in Georgia to benefit from this incredible SBS. 


Obtain A Protective Tax Residence In Georgia 

The only request to take advantage of a Tax Residence in Georgia is to be physically present in Georgia at least 183 days per fiscal year and therefore be a legal tax resident of Georgia. Consequently, you will benefit from all the protection this tax residence will bring to your assets and will provide you with an undeniable financial impact/benefit. 


What Else?

Freedom to choose your working environment and to change it whenever you want, to be able to work anywhere, to free up time for reflection, to allow yourself to generate ideas while discovering a new culture and traveling through amazing countries is a profound change in the way of working that we are now witnessing globally. 

Georgia can be an excellent starting point for a new way of seeing and starting a business. By adequately structuring a professional activity from Georgia, you can live legally in the country while paying low taxes on your economic activities. Well-structured, your international business based on your high-income clients will be able to generate significant profits. 

« It is not the most significant companies that run over the smallest, but the most agile ones that overtake the slowest. » Warren Buffet.

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