Bank Account Opening In Georgia Country Is Easy And Straight Forward

Individual Bank Account Opening in Georgia Remotely Made Easy
Individual Bank Account Opening in Georgia Remotely Made Easy

Opening a Bank account in Georgia Country is easier than in many jurisdictions worldwide. The Georgian banking system is ultra-modern, reliable, and transparent. The Georgian financial sector has become a crucial regional banking hub. Many banks are at your disposal. Some operate on the London Stock Exchange.

How Easy Is It To Open A Bank Account In Georgia Country?

Opening a bank account in Georgia is simple. Compared to most European banks’ Kafkaesque requirements, you only need your passport. Individual bank account opening in Georgia is fast and straightforward. 

Foreigners are welcome to open a bank account in Georgia.

The probability that you will get a personal bank account as a non-resident is very high.


Bank Account Opening In Georgia Country: The Key Features

The Georgian banking sector has a very good reputation and wants to maintain it! Georgia is one of the best countries for an individual bank account opening. 

Georgian banks are attractive because Georgia is not considered offshore or onshore. This jurisdiction is suitable for “almost” everyone who wants to open a bank account.

Several good international banks are available for a bank account opening in Georgia. They offer many good services and products that suit your bank account needs. 

Georgia Country has one of the most advanced banking systems in the World

For instance, Georgia is the World’s leading country for cashless payment technologies. 

Georgian International Banks have efficient and reliable e-Banking service

You can manage and carry out your banking transactions 7/7 and 24 hours a day, with complete peace of mind. 

When you open a bank account in Georgia, you get a multi-currency bank account

You can switch to $ – € – GBP and GEL (Georgian Lari) in one click in your e-banking service. You can send money with many IBAN and SWIFT. You can add any other major currencies on request. 

Georgian Banks offer a full range of international debit card

Visa and Mastercard debit cards are available. They provide high limits for cash withdrawals, POS payments, and online payment services. 

Account maintenance and banking fees are low

Georgian banks have comparatively low transaction fees, and are easy to maintain.

A private banker

Banks offer you a private account manager to simplify the management of your bank account.

How Convenient Is Individual Bank Account Opening In Georgia Remotely?

Remote bank account opening is almost impossible in most jurisdictions worldwide. BUT, Georgia remains one of the few places in the World where it is still easy to open a remote personal bank account. 


  • You do not need to travel to Georgia. 
  • Your physical presence is not required. 
  • Thanks to the Power of Attorney, your Trustee can carry out the account opening procedure, On Your Behalf. Please consult us if you want to opt for this solution. 


Learn more about bank account opening for foreigners and non-residents in Georgia.


Ready to open a remote bank account in Georgia? Please contact our banking advisers. They will give you all the relevant information about a remote bank account opening service. 


The 8 Benefits Of A Bank Account Opening In Georgia Country

Opening a bank account in Georgia gives you several awesome benefits. 

  1. Access To Safer Bank
  2. Protect Your Privacy
  3. Freedom! Access Your Money Whenever You Need It
  4. Reduce Political And Economic Risk
  5. Asset Protection
  6. Inflation Protection
  7. Avoiding Currency Exchange Risk
  8. Access To A Wider Range Of Investment Options


Important note

  • Most of our applications related to a personal bank account opening are successful. But, we cannot guarantee 100% success. Avoid those who claim the contrary. 
  • When we decide to make a bank account opening in Georgia, we are sure that your case is well-prepared and solid. 
  • We underline that the final decision belongs to the sovereign bank. In case of refusal, we will submit your application to another bank at no extra cost. 


Under no circumstances will our service be responsible for the transactions you will carry out on your personal bank account. Each client handles the transactions through their account.


Bank account opening in one of the leading banks in Georgia

100% Remote

Only 550€

No travel to Georgia is needed

FAQs About Bank Account Opening In Georgia

With your physical presence in Georgia: You need your passport Only.

Remotely, we will fill up a questionnaire on your behalf. The bank will need some information about your professional activity. And the sources of your funds. That’s it.

The bank reserves the right to request extra documents. A bank statement from a bank you are already banking with is usually enough.

Generally, no. But it depends on the bank. A few ask for a small deposit when opening a bank account in Georgia. The banks where we open a bank account in Georgia do not request such a deposit.

The Georgian banks we work with assign an account manager to your account. This private banker helps you with everything. You can contact your banker at any time by phone and e-mail.

If you prefer to manage your bank account in Georgia by yourself, you can do so. Thanks to your online banking service, it’s easy.

The reputation of the Georgian banking system is excellent. Its banking system is known for its reliability and transparency.

Many banks are available and licensed, and some operate on the London Stock Exchange. If you open a bank account in Georgia, you’re in good hands.

Yes, the e-Banking service of our partner banks is secure. 100% reliable & efficient. You can carry out your banking transactions at distance without any problems. Seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

Happy Georgia is one of the leading companies for bank account services in Georgia. We offer you a high-quality and secure remote bank account opening service in Georgia. Our assistance service is fast, simple, and reliable. If You wish to open a bank in Georgia Country, we are a good partner.

  • We offer individual bank account opening in Georgia with two leading financial institutions. Like in all major banks, many products will suit your needs.
  • A full range of secure 24/7 online banking services
  • Standard international transfers via IBAN and SWIFT.
  • Lovely debit cards.


We aim to deal with these Georgian banks with whom we have a long-term privileged relationship. We work with them in complete peace of mind.

The bank account opening process in Georgia is fast. Once we receive your Power of Attorney, we need 72 hours up to 5 days to open your bank account.

  • We open your bank account.
  • We collect the original documents + plastic card(s) with their PIN codes under seal + e-banking access codes.
  • Then, we ship them all to your address.
  • Fast and Secure!