Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: One Of The Fastest Growing Sectors

Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: One Of The Fastest Growing Sectors
Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: One Of The Fastest Growing Sectors

Investment in tourism Georgia Country is one of the most flourishing sectors of the Georgian economy. The average annual growth rate is 21.7% between 2008-2019. 

Georgia has gained rapid popularity in the global tourism market due to visa waiver agreements with more than 100 countries, including the European Union, North America, and the United Arab Emirates. Georgia’s tourism sector is enjoying a period of recovery in 2022.


Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: A Perfect Location Between Europe, Asia, And The Middle East

Georgia Country is a beautiful blend of Eastern and Western influences. Located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, the Pearl of the Caucasus is an extraordinary country that conceals cultural and natural treasures with a rich and fascinating Thousand-Year-Old Culture. The Georgian sense of hospitality is legendary, as its wines and famous gastronomy. Over the last decade, this underrated jewel has become one of the world’s most dynamic tourist destinations, making Investment in Tourism Georgia Country one of the best opportunities for Foreign Direct Investment.


Dynamic Growth Of The Tourism Sector: 2022 A Recovery Period

  • Nine million international visitors in 2019 (vs. 2 million in 2012). 
  • USD 3 billion Foreign exchange revenues (x5 between 2008-19).
  • Georgia welcomed 2 million tourists in 2021 and almost 1 million international visitors in the first quarter of 2022.
  • Georgia is a fast-emerging destination in Europe, Israel, and Middle East Countries. 
  • Georgia should welcome 7.6 million visitors by 2023 and 11 million by 2026, with annual revenues reaching 6.6 billion USD.


Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: A Recent International Recognition

Investment in Tourism in Georgia Country is supported by the in-depth communication work made by the Georgian government. In recent years the destination has gained recognition internationally, hailed by multiple awards.

  • National Geographic included Tbilisi in its Top 10 places to visit in 2019
  • The Lonely Planet travel guide named Georgia among its Top 10 destinations in 2019. 
  • Batumi (the Black Sea resort city) was named the emerging destination at the 27th Global Travel Awards.


Why Invest In Hospitality In Georgia Country

A Strong Governmental Support

  • Strong International Promotion Of The Destination

The Government of Georgia aims to promote high-quality, sustainable tourism development and make Georgia a Four-Seasons destination in the next three years (National Plan 2025).

Georgia Country is the official partner of the ITB Berlin, the world’s largest tourism trade exhibition until 2023. 

  • Subsidies To The Georgian Tourism Sector

The Georgian government increases its promotional efforts by actively supporting the tourism sector through assistance for international events participation and direct cash assistance for companies in the industry to encourage their long-term development. 

  • Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: Government Incentives

In 2016, the Government of Georgia launched one of the most important incentives for local and international tourism investors. The program Hotel Industry Incentive offers various support mechanisms to those who wish to Invest in Hospitality Georgia Country.


Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: More And More Air Connections

The tourism growth in Georgia is supported by a significant increase in direct flights from the largest cities of the European Union, and Middle East countries are becoming leading markets. 

Wealthy expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates are also key targets. There are multi-day flights from several airports (Dubaï, Doha, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi) that make Georgia a nearby, easily accessible, and increasingly exciting destination during the warm season from April to October. 

There is a massive growing interest from Israel, which has increased the number of travelers fivefold since 2015.


Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: Stable And Safe Country

Doing Business In Georgia Country

Georgia is a Stable economic and political market and a safe country. This stable and secure country has an extremely well-functioning business environment. The World Bank Doing Business reports ranks Georgia 8th out of 190 countries on the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ criteria. Along with the USA, Singapore, Denmark, Norway, and the UK. Georgia is featured on the TOP-10 for three consecutive Doing Business reports.

Safety In Georgia Country

According to the Numbeo’s Crime Index, Georgia ranks in the world’s 10th safest country.


Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: An Ultra-Favorable Tax Legislation

Taxation in Georgia is unique. Georgia is the 3rd least taxed country in the world, with a 9.9% total tax rate (World Bank Group).

There are no minimum wage regulations. Tthe average salary in Georgia is USD 450.


Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: Tbilisi The Capital City Of Georgia

Tbilisi is a key destination for tourists and business travelers. A well-connected destination, Tbilisi is the cultural, economic, and political center of Georgia Country. The city benefits from growing international, regional, and local visitors, and International Brand Hotels successfully operate in the city: Biltmore, Radisson, Tbilisi Marriott, Courtyard Marriott, Holiday Inn, Apart-hotel Citadines, Best Western, Mercure. Tbilisi remains a hot spot for investment in Tourism. 


Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: Batumi Capital City Of Adjara

Batumi is known as Georgia’s premier seaside city. Celebrated as the Las Vegas of the Black Sea for its vibrant nightlife, Batumi is an extraordinary city on the rise. 

Old Batumi is now blending with the ultra-modern side of the city, where global hotel brands are rapidly expanding not only in Batumi but all along the northern coast in Kobuleti, Gonio, Kvariati, Sarpi, Chakvi, Anaklia, Ureki, Shekvetili, and Grigoleti. 

These resorts, which attract millions of visitors and an ever-increasing international clientele in search of fun and entertainment, are the setting for the most exciting investment projects.

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Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: Winter ski resorts

The mountains of the Great Caucasus represents 80% of Georgia’s territory. Most of the mountain resorts have 5-6 months of snow cover. The main mountain resorts of Georgia are Gudauri, Bakuriani, Mestia (in Svanetia), and Goderdzi (in Adjara). The infrastructure has been considerably improved and developed in the last few years, attracting an international clientele. The ski resort sector is in full development, very dynamic and a remains a good investment opportunity.


Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: Other Key Facts

Authentic Georgia Country

Georgia is a spectacular country and an authentic destination: History, Culture, and Adventure; there is so much to discover with these warm and welcoming people. The Georgian people are very attached to their traditions. They are numerous, and the hospitable Georgians like to share them with their guests. In the Georgian culture, a guest “is a gift from God.”

Georgia Country has more than 12,000 historical and cultural monuments, four of which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

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Georgian Gastronomy

Since ancient times, Georgia has been an essential stop on the old Silk Roads. Its traditional cuisine is an extraordinary mix of eastern and western flavors and aromas that borrows from the culinary traditions of those who traded and sought refuge there for centuries.

Using pure products from the mountains and sunny valleys, nourished by the crystal clear water of the Caucasus, combining delicate spices and many aromatic plants, Georgian cuisine impresses with its authenticity, freshness, and intensity.

Each region has developed its traditions and contributed to the Georgian culinary identity. Georgian cuisine is considered one of the healthiest and best globally for its diversity and taste.

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Georgia Country : The World Cradle of Viticulture

“Give me a vine, and you can make me live in the desert” (Georgian proverb). 

Georgia is the historical cradle of winemaking more than 8000 years ago. For millennia, viticulture and wine have been the driving force of Georgian spirit and culture. In its beliefs, mythology, folklore, art, and table traditions, wine is a fundamental part of Georgian heritage and culture. 

Georgia has a unique winemaking technique in a clay jar, the Qvevri. Listed as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, qvevri wine is a living symbol of the deep roots of Georgian wine and the authenticity of Georgian viticulture.

Georgian winemakers have a world-class wine culture. Georgia has an exceptional wealth of grape varieties (540 in total, one-sixth of the world’s types); combined with many terroirs, they produce a wide range of dry, semi-sweet, sweet, white, rosé, red, or amber wines. Georgian wines are excellent and unique.

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A Breathtaking Nature

Georgia has an incredibly diverse natural wealth for such a small country. Nestled in the Caucasus mountains and bordered by the shores of the Black Sea, Georgia has everything a traveler could dream of: mountains with eternal snow, lakes and alpine meadows, natural canyons full of flowers and fruits, sea coasts full of palm trees, renowned mineral waters. Georgia country has an incredibly diverse and well-preserved natural wealth. More than 40% of Georgian territory is protected and Georgia is home to the largest wildlife reserves in Europe where wolves, lynx, antelopes and bears live in the wild.