11 Reasons To Get A Legal Residency In Georgia Country

11 Reasons To Get A Legal Residency In Georgia Country
11 Reasons To Get A Legal Residency In Georgia Country

A residency in Georgia Country could be one of the good option among European Countries.  Georgia Country is a very liberal and safe country, a good place to live or a base to conduct business locally or internationally.

Georgia is a free, open, and transparent market economy. Together with its dynamic and liberal economy, these factors make Georgia an attractive law tax country full of opportunities for those Individual Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Digital Nomads, and L.L.C. Owners who choose to invest, start a business or live here.

Move to Georgia! It’s an absolutely underrated country with great tax benefits. You won’t regret it; Happy Georgia works for your Freedom and presents you the main reasons you should get a legal residency in Georgia Country.


Get A Legal Residency In Georgia Country Reason#1- The Only Territorial Tax System In Europe

A territorial tax system means that Georgia will tax its residents only on the income of Georgian origin. Georgia is the only country in Europe that does not tax worldwide income. Therefore, if you have a tax residence in Georgia, Georgia will not tax you on your rental income, dividends, foreign capital gains, or any business you operate abroad. You have to pay taxes where your assets are located – so there is nothing more to pay in Georgia. Your income sourced in Georgia will be subject to a 20% withholding tax rate, and there is no inheritance tax, capital gains tax, or wealth tax. A 5% tax rate applies to your earnings renting your property in Georgia.

A territorial tax system is truly a good system. It makes a huge difference in your life. If you want to take advantage of this tax system, you can save much money and avoid tax compliance issues. Your money is available to grow your business, invest and save money.


Get A Legal Residency In Georgia Country Reason#2- A Low Cost Of Living

Georgia ranks near the bottom of Numbeo’s cost of living index. Whether it’s restaurants, hotels, food, energy, or transportation, the cost of living compared to major European cities is affordable while maintaining quality. Life is sweet in Tbilisi, and little money will be enough to live comfortably. This money that you will not be obliged to spend. You will enjoy it to develop your business, invest, and save.


Get A Legal Residency In Georgia Country Reason#3- A Truly European-Style Country

Located at the gateway to Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Asia, Georgia has shaped over three millennia an atypical culture and a very original identity. Surrounded by mountains and the Black Sea, the Pearl of the Caucasus is a beautiful blend of Eastern and Western influences with an authentically European lifestyle. The mythical Colchis’s landscapes are fantastic, its sense of hospitality legendary. Over the last decade, this almost unknown jewel has become one of the World’s most dynamic tourist destinations, to the delight of its visitors seduced by its most pleasant way of life.


Get A Legal  Residency In Georgia Country Reason#4- A Great Geographic Location

If you believe that the center of the World is slowly shifting away from the North Atlantic to Asia, then Georgia is where you want to be. As a gateway between Europe and Asia and a strategic passage for exchanging goods, at the crossroads of these major blocs, Georgia’s economy is highly integrated into these main international markets on the New Silk Roads. European union, Turkey Russia, Iran not far away, Georgia is also close to the Central Asia like Kazakstan.

Georgia also has good air connectivity: Tbilisi has direct flights to destinations all over Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and China. It’s a well-connected destination. Kutaisi, another major city in Georgia, has many low-cost flights to Europe, with Wizzair, Pegasus, and Ryan Air among them.

  • Dubai: 3h
  • Munich: 4h
  • Paris : 04h45
  • Istanbul: 1h45
  • Moscow: 2h30
  • Tel Aviv: 3h00


Get A Legal Residency In Georgia Country Reason#5- Real Estate Investment Enables You To Get Residency In Georgia

Real estate in Tbilisi has enormous growth potential and is currently priced low compared to most European capitals. Georgia’s real estate market is an interesting investment opportunity where you can find very nice deals. While you can expect quite good returns due to a surge in rental prices, you will certainly find fantastic value. If you plan to live in Tbilisi and want to buy a property for your personal use, you will be nicely surprised at the deals you will find. Additionally, it’s a good store of value as the average price per m2 rises steadily. Buying real estate in Georgia is one way to get a residency In Georgia.


Get A Legal Residency In Georgia Country Reason#6- A Great Place To Do Business

Georgia ranks 8th in the Ease of Doing Business, World Bank’s Index. Georgia provides numerous advantages to doing business in the country and internationally.

  • You can set up a local company in 24 hours.
  • Georgia is among the lowest-taxed economies worldwide, standing in the 8th position. Georgia provides many highly beneficial tax incentives for individuals, investors, and companies operating in the country. 
  • The Corporate Income Taxe is set at 15%, and the dividend tax rate at 5%. Both are due only when you distribute profits. All profits reinvested are Tax-Free.
  • A strong political and cultural commitment to making business easy. In Georgia, you don’t waste time on bureaucracy. Georgia is one of the leading countries with the most simplified bureaucracy required to launch and operate a company. 
  • Amazing banking. Georgia is one of the best-value international banking destinations.
  • Safe Georgia! If you plan to travel, work or live in Georgia, you can feel secure about safety issues. According to the Numbeo report, Georgia is the safest country in Europe and 6th in the World after South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Georgians say that a « guest is a gift », so be relaxed and enjoy all the best these people have to offer.


Get A Legal Residency In Georgia Country Reason#7- A Great Place To Raise A Family

 Georgia is a Christian Orthodox culture that values family above all. Georgians are very welcoming towards foreigners, especially families, so expect to make many local friends. If you plan to settle a bit in Georgia, choosing a school for your children is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Several international schools in Georgia offer a warm, family-oriented school environment and a first-class international education to a diverse local and international student community from 3 to 19 years (International Baccalaureate programs) and provide a stimulating environment for students to work in optimal conditions. 

Safety is one of Georgia’s strong advantages. As said above, Georgia is a safe country, and you will never feel threatened when walking around, even at night. It’s safer than much of Western Europe countries.


Get A Legal Residency In Georgia Country Reason#8- Many Options To Get Residency In Georgia Caucasus

Georgia has a highly immigration-friendly policy. There are multiple ways to become a resident.


Get A Legal Residency In Georgia Country Reason#9- A Stunning Nature

Prepare to be overwhelmed: The landscapes of Jason’s mythical Colchis and the Golden Fleece have remained the same, breathtaking! Nestled in the Caucasus mountains, on the Black Sea’s shores, Georgia has everything the traveler could dream of: mountains with eternal snow, lakes and alpine meadows, natural canyons full of flowers and fruits, and sea coasts full of palm trees, mineral waters. This unspoiled nature offers the most adventurous itineraries, and each season is unique for discovering Georgia. This country concentrates such incredible natural wealth that you can ski in the mountains in the morning and swim in the Black Sea in the evening. Yes, this place is indeed a paradise on Earth!


Get A Legal Residency In Georgia Country Reason#10- An Impressive Cuisine

Nothing tells you more about the spirit and culture of a country than its cuisine. Georgia was an important milestone on the ancient Silk Trade Routes for two millennia. Its traditional cuisine borrows many flavors and aromas from the culinary traditions of those who traded, invaded, and sought refuge there. Each region has cultivated its culinary traditions that have been refined over the centuries and have contributed to its culinary identity. Recipes from the eastern parts reflect Iran and Asia’s cuisine, while the cuisine of the western region integrates more Turkish and Mediterranean flavors. Traditional Georgian dishes attract you first with their colors their freshness and surprise you with their unique tastes. Finally, it all ends with a gastronomic shock. Georgian cuisine is authentic and is one of the best in the World for its diversity and flavor. It is simply fantastic.


Get A Legal  Residency In Georgia Country Reason#11- Amazing Wines

Georgia is not a wine country like any other. It is the land where the vine was domesticated, and the grapes were first turned into wine more than 8,000 years ago. Archaeologists’ first signs of viticulture and wine production indicate that wine production flourished in Georgia as early as the High Antiquity. Georgia was already supplying the great cities of the Fertile Crescent, Babylon, and Ur. The latest archaeological research in 2018 discovered the clay jars containing the oldest residue of pure wine of the famous Rkatsiteli grape variety. It definitively put an end to the debate. “World Cradle Of Viticulture“, “Birthplace Of Wine”, Georgia is the country that has cultivated the longest uninterrupted wine tradition in the World. Wine lovers who one day visit Georgia will discover a country where the vine is rooted in the heart. Its tendrils weave a tapestry between the Church, the State, and the Georgian culture without any other comparison in the World.

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