Living In Georgia Country, an amazing mix of influences
50% Western and 50% Eastern

Living In Georgia Country, an amazing mix of influences: 50% Western and 50% Eastern
Living In Georgia Country, an amazing mix of influences: 50% Western and 50% Eastern

Living in Georgia Country and the Quality of Life in Georgia is very nice, reaching European standards. Also called the « Mountain of the Peoples,» Georgia is a bridge between Europe and Asia. Georgia is an amazing mix of Western and Eastern influences with a truly European lifestyle. Lively and with a unique culture, Georgia concentrates enormous human and natural wealth. Over the past decade, the Pearl of the Caucasus, surrounded by mountains and the Black Sea, has become one of the most dynamic tourist destinations in the World. The landscapes of the mythical Colchid are fantastic. The Georgian sense of hospitality is legendary, and its wines and its famous gastronomy too. And to top it all off, safety in Georgia Country is one of the highest in the World. 

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Living in Georgia Country: One Of The Best Options

Georgia is currently a country to consider for working, performing international business, and even living in Georgia. Georgia is one of the most open countries in the World. Georgia has so many advantages to offer in this regard. Georgia is a beautiful country with a great culture and a European lifestyle. Living in Georgia is just great. 


Safety in Georgia Country: Inherently Safe!

You feel safe and secure when living in Georgia country. According to the Numbeo 2019 report, Georgia is the safest country in Europe, ranking 6th after South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Georgians say that « guest is a gift » this Georgian saying perfectly describes Georgian hospitality. For centuries, Georgians have developed these hospitality traditions. The love and respect for guests are boundless, and the devotion to the host’s duties is passed on from generation to generation. Friendly Georgians are always ready to help you. So be relaxed and enjoy the safety in Georgia Country and all the best these people offer.


Living In Georgia Country: A Nice And Low-Cost Living

In 2021, several Cost of Living Surveys were published. These surveys analyzed hundreds of data from hundreds of cities across five continents. Guess what? Georgia and Tbilisi are on the list of the top 10 cheapest cities in the world.

These survey’s comparative cost compiled more than 200 items and services, such as housing, transportation, utilities, food, home services, and personal care,…Based on those surveys, Tbilisi was named the third cheapest city in the world. Far away from the top 3 most expensive cities, Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Zurich.

Georgia’s cost and quality of living make it attractive as a place to live and work. Georgia and Tbilisi are also well connected with many Big Cities in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. They are easily accessible to Georgia Expats through nice low-cost companies such as Pegasus, Wizzair, and Ryan Air. Living in Georgia Low-cost country, you will feel the difference!


Quality Of Life In Georgia: An Astonished Gastronomy

Nothing tells you more about the spirit and culture of a country than its cuisine. Georgian culinary traditions have been refined over the centuries. First, attract you with its colors, then surprise you with its unique tastes, and finally, all of this ends in a gastronomic shock. The secret to this taste is the land of Georgia: fertile and fed by the pure waters of the Caucasus mountains, with sunshine at least 300 days per year. The land of Georgia sublimates local products that are used to create delicious and organic Georgian dishes. Living in Georgia will confirm for you that Georgian cuisine is just great!

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Quality Of Life In Georgia: Wonderful Wines

8000 Years Of Wine Tradition. Georgia is the Cradle of Wine. Georgia is not a wine country like any other. More than 8,000 years ago, wine was born there. Georgia has an extraordinary heritage of indigenous grape varieties and a unique technique of vinification in clay jars, which has remained unchanged for thousands of years. For Georgians, growing vines and making wine “was a road to God,” and the birth of Qvevri wine was “like a prayer.” Wine Lovers who will travel to Georgia will discover a country where the tendrils of the vine weave a tapestry between spirituality, people, and national culture with no other comparison in the World. Living in Georgia will leave you with lasting memories of wine tastings! 

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Quality Of Life In Georgia: Vibrant Cities

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, at the confluence of 3 great empires, 3 Millenium history has shaped an atypical culture and original identity, an incredible mix of Eastern and Western influences. Tbilisi, the capital city, Batumi on the Black Sea shores or Kutaïsi near the Caucasus mountains, has again become these jewels underrated, as evidenced by their incredible architecture, flourishing art scene, nightlife, clubs and top music festivals, and numerous bars and restaurants. Living in Georgia is full of good vibrations.


Quality Of Life In Georgia: A Stunning Nature

Prepare to be overwhelmed: The landscapes of Jason’s mythical Colchis and the Golden Fleece have remained the same. They are breathtaking! Nestled in the Caucasus mountains, on the Black Sea’s shores, Georgia has everything you could dream of: mountains with eternal snow, lakes and alpine meadows, natural canyons full of flowers and fruits, sea coasts full of palm trees, and mineral waters. This unspoiled nature offers the most adventurous itineraries, and each season is unique for discovering Georgia. This country concentrates such incredible natural wealth that you can ski in the mountains in the morning and swim in the Black Sea in the evening. Living in Georgia will make you discover a paradise on Earth!


Quality Of Life In Georgia: Good International Schools

Choosing a school for your children is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Several international schools in Georgia offer a warm, family-oriented school environment and provide a first-class international education to a diverse local and international student community. 

Tbilisi International Schools offer primary and middle years, and diploma programs for children from 3 to 19 years (International Baccalaureate programs). These schools owe their success to the educational staff’s quality, the many dedicated, dynamic, and professional teachers and administrators driven by the values of excellence, and the high standard of facilities that provide a stimulating environment for students to work in optimal conditions.

And several others : 

  • Buckswood School Tbilisi
  • European International School
  • Finnish International School
  • Givi Zaldastanishvili American Academy
  • New School – International School of Georgia
  • QSI International School of Tbilisi
  • Saint George British International School