Move To Georgia Country for a better quality of life and better worldwide taxation

Move To Georgia Country for a better quality of life and better worldwide taxation
Move To Georgia Country for a better quality of life and better worldwide taxation

Move to Georgia Country is on the rise and trendy in 2022. With its dynamic and liberal economy and attractive law taxes, Georgia is a country full of opportunities for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Digital Nomads, E-commerce owners, and LLC Owners who choose to relocate their businesses and their families to Georgia.

Many Individual entrepreneurs and business people consider Georgia an attractive place to start a business, invest and live. Georgia ranks among the Top 10 lowest-taxed economies in the world for corporate and personal income. Thanks to its territorial tax system, unique in Europe, the foreign-source income of individuals is not subject to any taxation. This territorial tax system is perfect for Freelancers, Digital Nomads, Individual Entrepreneurs, E-Commerce Owners, and Traders who earn their income abroad.

Are you an individual, freelancer, digital nomad, or a family looking to relocate to Georgia? Do you have a digital business or a start-up looking to move your company and staff to Georgia? We offer personalized services to make your relocation to Georgia Country smooth. Please get in touch with one of our advisers here. We will be pleased to answer you.

Move To Georgia Country: Happy Georgia, A One-Stop-Shop for your relocation to Georgia.

Our attorneys, consultant, and personal assistants are always available to assist you and your business and provide advice, analysis, and development of a legal position on your raised issue. 

The benefits of business incorporation in Georgia with Happy Georgia Tbilisi include a full range of legal expertise, customized business services, and government and business intelligence services to help move your business and life in Georgia Country.

Happy Georgia, first of all, provides our clients with a full specter of Integrated Solutions, among them Tax Incentive Evaluation, Tax Planning, and Tax Optimization services. 

Suppose you would like to discuss your move to Georgia Country with us, whether for your business or your family. Please, get in touch with one of our advisers. In that case, we will be happy to help you prepare for your new life in Georgia.

Move To Georgia Country: Quick View On Georgia Amazing Tax Optimization Options

Georgia provides very nice incentives for individuals, entrepreneurs, and company owners considering moving to Georgia Country.

Business Relocation In Georgia Country:

  • Designed for the Individual Entrepreneur and Freelancers, the Small Business Status offers a 1% personal income tax rate up to 500 000 GEL (approx. 165 000 USD) turnover and 3% above this limit.
  • L.C. Georgia’s Corporate Income Tax rate is among the lowest in Europe : 0% if profits are reinvested and 15% when profits distribution occurs.
  • 5% Tax on Interest, Dividends, and Royalties 
  • A Special Status for IT companies in Virtual Zone: 0% Corporate Income Tax / 0% VAT on International Business Income / 0% Export tax on exports / 5% withholding tax on distributed dividends
  • Company incorporated in Free Zonesprofits of 0% Corporate Income Tax / 0% Dividend Tax / 0% Property Tax / 0% V.A.T.
  • A company incorporated with the International Company Statusprofits of 5% Corporate Profit Tax (instead of 15%) / 0% on Dividends / 0% VAT on International Business Income. / 5% tax applies to the gross salary of non-resident employees (instead of 20%). The export of IT services and products is not subject to customs duties. 

Move to Georgia Country: Individual Incentives

  • Personal Income Tax20% for Georgian-sourced income (while foreign income is exempted, Georgia has a territorial tax system).
  • Territorial taxation is unique in Europe. Georgia taxes only local income instead of taxing individuals’ overall income (foreigners, residents, or non-residents). If appropriately structured, the payment of individuals earned abroad (non-Georgian-sourced) is fully exempt from taxation in Georgia.
  • The Property Tax rate is 1%.
  • 5% Tax on real-estate-rental income.


Move To Georgia Country: Company Incorporation

Georgia Is One Of The World’s Leading Countries In Business Creation.

  • Georgia has one of the most simplified bureaucracies for starting and managing a company.
  • Georgia has the most straightforward company registration and incorporation procedures. Registration of a company in the National Registry in Tbilisi takes 2-3 business days.

The Best Business Legal Form In Georgia Country

Happy Georgia provides you with all the legal and administrative assistance to set up such a legal entity in Georgia, whether in Georgia or remotely. Company incorporation in Georgia with Happy Georgia services is fast and efficient. Please consult us to get more information about a company formation in Georgia Country. 

Move To Georgia Country: A Reliable Banking Sector

Georgia’s ultra-modern and highly reputable banking system is crucial in supporting individuals’ and companies’ growth and development projects. Georgian banking institutions are open to an international clientele who wish to diversify their banking solutions and assets. Also, they offer a remote opening procedure without traveling to the Country.

Happy Georgia is one of the leading companies in banking services in Georgia. Whether for Individual, Freelancer, and Individual Entrepreneur Business accounts, Corporate Bank accounts, UnionPay card accounts, Gateway Payments for Freelancers, E-commerce owners, and Individual entrepreneurs, our services accompany our clients during the whole procedure. We help you prepare a solid case to avoid rejection from the KYC application to the opening completion. Please get in touch with one of our banking advisers for more information about our banking services in Georgia Country. 


Business Relocation in Georgia Country: Commercial, Office, & Business Moves

Happy Georgia is a One-Stop-Shop for Integrated Solutions for all commercial office moving, laboratory, and employee relocation. Happy Georgia provides you with our consultants and personal assistants to take care of the following on your behalf.


Move to Georgia Country: Site Selection & Development

  • Final Selection & Negotiation
  • Office Moving Preparation
  • Space Planning and Furniture Layouts
  • Office Move Planning
  • Commercial Moving
  • Office & Equipment Decommissioning
  • Commercial Storage & Asset Management
  • Furniture Acquisition & Installation
  • Certified Office Cubical Installers
  • Total Office Solutions
  • On-Going Facility Support


Move to Georgia Country: Employee Relocation Implementation

  • Total Outsource Relocation & Mobility Solutions
  • ROI Evaluation
  • Complete Tax & Integrated Relocation Reporting


Move To Georgia Country & Residency In Georgia

Georgian residency offers very nice advantages for those who plan to live either medium or long term. Based on your work, an entrepreneurial activity, Business, or Real Estate Investment, Happy Georgia Lawyers and consultants will help you obtain a residence permit for your family, spouse, and dependent.

Do you want more information about a residency on Georgia Country, please get in touch with us


Move To Georgia Country: Real Estate Hunting

Tbilisi offers very nice real estate opportunities. In recent years, Tbilisi has built many new apartments in various neighborhoods in black or white frames requiring fully furnished and equipped finishing work or turnkey projects. Happy Georgia services are at your disposal to help you find the property that suits you according to your desired characteristics and budget. Once you arrive in Georgia, we will organize visits to the properties we have selected for you.


Move To Georgia Country: Real Estate Purchase

If you wish to purchase a property, Happy Georgia Lawyers carry out the Due Diligence of the property. We prepare all the documents, organize the transaction at the notary’s office, register your new property at the House of Justice in Tbilisi, and deliver the original titles. Please look at the Georgian real estate market tips we provide you.


Move To Georgia Country: Moving To Georgia Assistance

Moving to Georgia Country is a big step that you are about to take. From loading your belongings at your residence to bringing them to your new home in Georgia, Happy Georgia helps you move and take care of all the paperwork. We work with companies with over 20 years of experience moving and settling people in Georgia, mostly diplomats, embassy employees, and entrepreneurs. 


Move To Georgia Country: International Schools In Georgia

Choosing a school for your children is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Several international schools in Georgia offer a warm, family-oriented school environment and a first-class international education to a diverse local and international student community from 3 to 19 years (International Baccalaureate programs) and provide a stimulating environment for students to work in optimal conditions. Happy Georgia will help you find and contact the school administration to prepare your children’s registration.


Move To Georgia Country: Healthcare Insurance Introduction

When the time comes to expatriate and settle, all or part of his time, it is advisable to consider medical coverage for yourself, your family, or your employees in Georgia. 

Happy Georgia offers an introduction to several leading insurance companies. Happy Georgia consultants will advise you on a wide range of insurance products, with international standards, high-quality service, and firm guarantees in the individual and corporate segment. When you know how important it is to take care of yourself and your family, these insurances will cover your medical expenses, dental treatments, optical care, and emergency care. 


Move To Georgia Country : Happy Georgia Services

To accompany your move to Georgia Country, Happy Georgia offers a full spectre of services according to your your particular needs. In this respect, we offer a free 30-minute initial consultation to our clients.


Move To Georgia Country : Discover the Top 10 Advice to follow moving To Georgia country.

During this first consultation, we will have the pleasure of getting to know each other, and we will have a simple discussion:

  • We’ll tell you the major benefits of relocation in Georgia Country.
  • The main tips of everyday life for Georgia expatriates (like us).
  • Tbilisi neighborhoods and the (cheap) cost of living.
  • Relocation package options for individuals and companies.


Do you want to know more about relocation in Georgia Country, don’t hesitate to contact our advisers.