Legal services in Georgia Country:

Legal Services In Georgia Country : Power of Attorney

₾300 GEL (~$100) + VAT when applicable.

Remote surcharge (₾ 200 GEL ~$65) for PoA remote services.

Georgian + English Bilingual PoA.

Give our lawyer the power to represent you in Georgia for business registrations, real estate purchases, administrative, banking, & many other legal matters.

Our power of attorney service includes up to 2 PoA documents and 2 notarized and translated copies of your passport.

We cover all local fees, book the notary, and accompany you there, or we process the documents on your behalf (if requesting remotely).

Contract Drafting


Our team specializes in drafting accurate bilingual contracts (English + Georgian).

All our contracts comply fully with the relevant Georgian laws.

It includes employment contracts, service agreements, rental agreements, pre-purchase/purchase agreements, and more.

Standard Contracts

₾500 GEL (~$165) + VAT

For standard contracts for which we already have a template, the price includes:

Insertion of custom data (name, phone number, passport number, dates, etc.)

Additional customization charged at ₾250 GEL (~$85) + VAT per hour.

*Additional Copies ₾200 GEL (~$65) + VAT. It includes the insertion of custom data.

Custom Contract Drafting

₾250 GEL (~$85) + VAT Per Hour (All Legal Work)

& 150 GEL (~$50) + VAT Per Hour For Legal Translation

Need a custom contract? We can draft your agreement in English or Georgian, for your review, at our standard legal rate. Then full legal translation to English or Georgian at our standard translation rate.

Legal Services In Georgia Country : Accounting

Monthly Tax declarations are mandatory in Georgia every month following the rules in force in Georgia: volume of banking operations, VAT calculation, number of employees, and payroll management.

We have accounting packages for every level of business. From freelancers and startups to international corporations. From seasoned business professionals to first-time remote workers. A consultation is necessary to establish an accurate cost estimation to keep your business 100% legal.

  • Handling your monthly filing requirements.
  • Income Tax declarations.
  • LLC tax declarations (Corporate Tax / Dividends).
  • Monitoring of your account for any additional tax liabilities or potential issues.
  • Additional custom accounting ₾150 (~$50) + VAT per hour.
  • Our accountants set up user access to your RS portal, so you do not have to authorize our logins manually.
  • Liability over filing errors moved from you to us.
  • Exporting of accounts on request.
  • Keeping the General Journal following the Georgian laws.
  • Submitting your Tax Card and keeping it up to date.
  • Processing any and all notifications and requests by the Revenue Service. For complex tasks, fees may apply.
  • Signing off on legal documents as your accountant – including work residency applications.


Simple Accounting

From: ₾150 GEL / month (~$50) +VAT.

Designed for LLCs, Individual Entrepreneurs, and freelancers with simple accounting needs who are not VAT registered.

This package includes up to 10 transactions* per month.

11-30 = 250 GEL per month. (~$85)

31-60 = 450 GEL per month. (~$150)

60+ = get a quote.

Reverse VAT declarations (mandatory on international service purchases, even if you are not VAT registered).

Tax withholding declarations (mandatory on international purchases from certain countries – like the USA).

Submit invoices to the portal when legally required.

Answer basic procedural questions about filing requirements.

Fixed pricing based on typical monthly transaction volume.

Financial report exports from your accounts (up to 3 per year).

Not available to Virtual Zone, International Company Status or Free Industrial Zone companies, or VAT registered companies, which all require significantly more complex accounting.


Business Accounting

From: ₾250 GEL/month (~$85) +VAT

Designed for LLCs, VZ, ICS, FIZ. Or, Individual Entrepreneurs with more complex accounting needs.

Base package includes up to 10 transactions* per month.

11-30 = 450 GEL per month. (~$150)

31-60 = 950 GEL per month. (~$315)

60+ = get a quote.

1 Hour per month of email support for accounting questions.

Pension calculations & declarations.

VAT registration & qualification interview (if required).

Monthly VAT declarations and input VAT reclaim.

Mandatory annual reporting of company cash flow (different from the annual tax return).

Proactive monitoring of your account for tax optimizations.


Revenue Service Portal Registration

₾125 + VAT (~$40)

(If purchased at the same time as IE/SBS registration. Otherwise, ₾75 GEL (~$25) + VAT).

This pricing is for Individual Entrepreneur with Small Business Status. If you have an LLC, please consult us.

VAT registration (if required/requested)

Adding all your basic details in the correct places

Authenticating your business activities (completing your tax card)

Assisting with logins / changing passwords the first time you log in


Basic VAT Registration

₾350 GEL (~$115) + VAT

Basic VAT registration only provides you with un-qualified VAT status, which allows you to claim back reverse VAT paid on the purchases of foreign services.


Premium VAT Registration

₾ 550 GEL (~$185) + VAT

This VAT Registration allows you to claim back local VAT paid on local expenses (ie. products and services where you paid Georgian VAT at the time of purchase). If you are eligible for qualified status, our accountant can assist with applying and arguing with the RS to get the status approved.

Collecting your details and building your case for getting this qualified status

All RS communications on your behalf

Feedback and assistance throughout the process

NOTE: If your business income is not VAT taxable, for instance, your customers are based outside Georgia, then your business will not be able to get this VAT qualified status. Contact us for advice.

If you need professional help getting this right, our service includes:

VAT registration (if required/requested)

Adding all your basic details accurately

Authenticating your business activities (completing your tax card)

Assisting with logins / changing passwords (first-time login)


Legal Services In Georgia Country : Real Estate

Real Estate Hunting 360

from ₾ 2700 GEL (~$900)

Tbilisi offers a plethora of choices in real estate. In recent years, Tbilisi has built many new apartments in various neighborhoods in black or white frames that require finishing work or turnkey projects with all the furnishings. Our services are at your disposal to help you find the property that suits you in the nicest neighborhoods of Tbilisi.

We organize visits to the properties we have selected for you according to the desired characteristics and your budget.

If you wish to purchase a real estate property remotely, perform the Due Diligence on the property.

We prepare all documents, organize the transaction with our lawyers at the notary office, we register your new property at the House of Justice in Tbilisi.

Please consult us if you want more about our 360 real estate services.


Crypto buys Property Services

₾ Varies

For Buying Real Estate With Crypto-Assets In Georgia, We assist you with everything from property research to purchase and legal matters to the official property title. Buying real estate with crypto-assets through our services is 100% transparent and secure. We offer a clear procedure to cash out your cryptos in USD, EUROS, GBP. You will use this money to purchase your property and deposit it into a bank account in the best banking institution in Georgia. Simple, fast, efficient, and secure.

  • We find the right property for you according to your budget and requirements.
  • We make the Due Diligence on the property and check out if any legal issues are put on this property before moving to the purchase.
  • Once the due diligence is cleared, we negotiate the best price for the real estate, discuss the terms and conditions of the sale, come to an agreement and prepare the purchase agreement and the legal staff between you and the seller. The selling party will generate an email invoice.
  • The buyer will receive the invoice. You will know the price of the transaction and the commission in advance of the payment.
  • We accompany you to convert Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies at the real rates from your wallet into FIAT. We put the amount on your bank account opened in Georgia. Georgia is not a member of the AEOI until 2024 at least, no bank information exchange of bank information, so you keep high confidentiality.
  • We finalize the purchase directly inside the bank; no matter whether to go to the Public Registry, our financial institution provides this in-house service. We register the new property in your name, and you receive the property title immediately. You are now the new owner of the property.
  • Contact us for a list of options for purchasing property with cryptocurrency in Georgia.


Real Estate Property Purchase

Happy Georgia fees: from 3,5% of the property price.

  • We carry out a Deep Due Diligence of the property and check out if any legal issues are put on this property before moving to the purchase.
  • We negotiate the best price for the real estate, discuss the terms and conditions of the sale, come to an agreement and prepare the purchase agreement and the legal staff between you and the seller.
  • We manage and finalize the purchase directly with the bank.
  • We organize the transaction with our lawyers at the notary’s office.
  • We register your new property at the House of Justice in Tbilisi and deliver the original property titles.


Real Estate Loan Management

Happy Georgia manages with our bank institutions your loan for purchasing your real estate property.

Our lawyers take care of the whole procedure on your behalf and negotiate the best terms and rates according to your specific situation. Quotation on-demand and set according to your particular situation.


Legal Services In Georgia: Crypto Services

The share of use of cryptos in everyday life is constantly increasing. More and more investors are interested in transactions with crypto or through crypto. Georgia wants to make the most of this opportunity, especially since transactions in this format are safe and legal, with no red tape.

It has become easy to buy a property with cryptocurrency because the government and Georgia are crypto-friendly. Happy Georgia expert lawyer and consultant in this field will provide you with interesting solutions for your crypto-assets in Georgia and other countries.

Legal Services In Georgia Country : Consultation & Personal Assistance

  • Hourly Basis of Legal Consultation: ₾ 360 GEL (~$120)
  • Hourly Basis of Tax consultation: ₾ 300 GEL (~$100)
  • Hourly Basis of Tax consultation with Senior Tax Expert ₾ 600 GEL (~$200)
  • Hourly Basis for all kinds of customized assistance (other than legal): ₾ 180 GEL (~$60)

Legal Services In Georgia Country : Moving To Georgia Assistance

Moving to Georgia is a big step that you are about to take. From loading your belongings at your residence to bringing them to your new home in Georgia, Happy Georgia helps you move and take care of all the paperwork.

We work with companies with over 20 years of experience moving and settling people in Georgia, mostly diplomats, embassy employees, and entrepreneurs. If you would like to discuss your relocation with us, we will be happy to help you prepare for your new life.

Healthcare Insurance Introduction

When the time comes to expatriate and settle, all or part of his time, it is advisable to consider medical coverage for yourself, your family, or your employees in Georgia.

Happy Georgia offers an introduction to several leading insurance companies. Our consultants will advise you on a wide range of insurance products, with international standards, high-quality service, and firm guarantees in the individual and corporate segment. When you know how important it is to take care of yourself and your family, these insurances will cover your medical expenses, dental treatments, optical care, and emergency care.

International Schools in Georgia

Choosing a school for your children is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Several international schools in Georgia offer a warm, family-oriented school environment and a first-class international education to a diverse local and international student community from 3 to 19 years (International Baccalaureate programs) and provide a stimulating environment for students to work in optimal conditions.

Happy Georgia will help you find and contact the school administration to prepare your children’s registration.

Legal Services In Georgia Country: Investment Services

Happy Georgia is active in the most promising investment areas in Georgia and Europe. Our Georgian lawyers and consultants are pleased to share advice and investment projects in the fast-developing economic sectors in Georgia and Europe with our investor clientele. Whether in real estate or hospitality, our investment projects are open to entrepreneurs and investors. Each investments products has its characteristics, whether guarantees, returns, taxation, liquidity, or transmission for diversified asset optimization strategies.

For more information, please get in touch with us. We accompany you in an investment advisory process and select products that meet your investment objectives.

For all questions about Happy Georgia Legal Services in Georgia Country, please contact one of our advisers here.