Real Estate Investment in Georgia Country:
One Of The Best Investment Ever

Real Estate Investment in Georgia Country buy a property
Real Estate Investment in Georgia Country buy a property
Real Estate Investment in Georgia Country is one of the best investment opportunities for wise foreign investors. In 2022, the real estate market is recovering. Real estate transactions are on the rise. This economic sector remains the most flourishing one in the Georgian economy. Reasonable prices, high occupancy rates, a rapidly growing number of international visitors, and a flexible legal framework create a lucrative and good business environment for the real estate sector. Ice on the cake, Georgia is one of the fastest-growing touristic destinations in the World.

Real Estate Investment Georgia Country: The Main Drivers Of Georgian Real Estate Market Today.

Georgia’s liberal investment environment is a key factor for real estate investment in Georgia Country.
  • Good return on investment: 8-13% and even more, up to 20% in some cases in Batumi
  • A fast-growing tourism sector drives ROI
  • The price of real estate is steadily growing year after year
  • The Property Tax rate is 1% maximum for legal resident
  • There is no tax on capital gains once a real estate property is detained for more than two years
  • Rental income tax is as low as 5%
  • Registering a Property takes one day vs. 23,2 days in OCDE countries
  • Getting Construction Permit takes 63 days vs. 152,3

Real Estate Investment in Georgia Country Opens Up The Doors To Get A Legal Residency

A residency in Georgia Country offers very nice advantages for those who plan to live either medium or long term. A legal residence in Georgia Country gives you the right to live and work without any time limit. Read more about the Benefits of a Legal Residency in Georgia.

Real Estate Investment in Georgia Country To Get 1-Year Residency

This 1-year residence permit is issued to individuals (and their family members) who own immovable property (except for agricultural land), and whose market price of the property is above 100,000 USD equivalent in GEL. Read more about this 1-year Residency through real estate investment in Georgia Country.

Real Estate Investment in Georgia Country To Get 5-Years Residency

300k USD Investment Residence Permit can get a 5-year temporary residency immediately. The status is dependent on maintaining the 300k investment continuously. An investment residence permit is issued for five years. Once the five-year period is over, the Georgian government will give a permanent residency. Read more about this 5-year Residency through real estate investment in Georgia Country.

What Are The Wise Real Estate Investments Georgia Country

  • Rent them out for a profitable return on investment
  • Quickly increase its value and then flip your property for a good profit.

Ready to Live in Property

Find the best places and the best turnkey property to invest in. These properties require very little embellishment work. They are ready to live in or develop their full potential immediately on both the long and short-term rental markets like Booking and Airbnb.

Property Upgrade

As a smart investor, you know that the equation Low Purchase Price + Good Renovation Work at the right price + Furnishing Process to equip a property = Good Return On investments. Buying properties for renovation is a great strategy for a real estate investor. You can purchase older, distressed properties needing renovation at very attractive prices. Find the best real estate opportunities to renovate is one of the best investment strategies in Tbilisi to create value. Investing in wholesale real estate is a fast and good investment strategy. It allows you to increase the value of your property quickly, and your property also acquires great liquidity in the Georgian real estate market. If you want to resell quickly, you will resell a beautiful and comfortable property or a profitable turnkey Airbnb business with a nice capital gain.

Real Estate Investment Georgia Country: Happy Georgia Service Is One Of The Best In Georgia

Real Estate Investment Georgia Country: Our Expertise

Happy Georgia makes your investment decision simple to enable investors to overcome the limitations in making business-intelligent investments. By combining the efficiency of our real estate agents with the power of innovation and artificial intelligence, we are building a dynamic, proactive, and profitable market for real estate investment where the transparency of information is matched only by the ease of transactions in Georgia. Our real estate experts and lawyers assess the potential of the real estate investment. Happy Georgia empowers our investors to find the best investment properties and make intelligent investment decisions to optimize the real estate value, liquidity value, or rental performance.

Real Estate Investment Georgia Country: Your real estate property hunter

We help you find and purchase the best real estate investment opportunities in Georgia and Tbilisi, the capital city. Whether you are looking for a property to live in, wealth building, asset development, residential or tourism real estate development project. Happy Georgia real estate experts, help you find and choose the right property in Georgia, whether in Tbilisi or Batumi. Our Due Diligence allows us to evaluate the properties at their fair value, renovation costs, and potential to generate good profits/value that meets your financial goals.

Real Estate Investment Georgia Country: Happy Georgia has one of the best renovation teams in town

Happy Georgia renovation team – architect, designers, and renovation workers – is one of the best. From Good Renovation, Furnishing, and Decorating, to taking properties from “empty” to turnkey properties, we help make your property feel like a home by creating beautiful + functional spaces at the right price.

The Leverage Of The Real Estate Loan

Increase your investment capacity. We specialize in providing the best and most innovative financial solutions to purchase real estate properties we mine in Tbilisi. We specialize in obtaining bank real estate loans at the lowest rates for our foreign clients. Our In-House Lawyer takes care of all the administrative burdens to negotiate and get you the best loan rates with the best banks in Georgia.

Real Estate Investment Georgia Country: Buy With Cryptocurrencies.

Do you have cryptocurrencies and are now looking for real estate investment opportunities in Georgia Country? Good news! Buying a real estate property with crypto-currency in Georgia Country, Tbilisi, the capital city, Batumi, the Jewel of the Black Sea, or One of the new modern Ski Resort of Gudauri, is now easier than ever. Whether you want to buy an apartment for your personal use or for hosting to get rental income, we can help you find the best properties in the most sought-after locations in Tbilisi and help you to purchase real estate with cryptocurrency. Do you want more info about it? Please get in touch with our property consultants. Do you want more general information about crypto’s legal environment in Georgia? It’s here. 

What Are The Best Place For Real Estate Investment In Georgia Country?

Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: Tbilisi The Capital City Of Georgia

Tbilisi is a key destination for tourists and business travelers. A well-connected destination, Tbilisi is the cultural, economic, and political center of Georgia Country. The city benefits from growing international, regional, and local visitors, and International Brand Hotels successfully operate in the city: Biltmore, Radisson, Tbilisi Marriott, Courtyard Marriott, Holiday Inn, Apart-hotel Citadines, Best Western, Mercure. Tbilisi remains a hot spot for investment in Tourism.

Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: Batumi The Capital City Of Adjara Region

Batumi is known as Georgia’s premier seaside city. Celebrated as the Las Vegas of the Black Sea for its vibrant nightlife, Batumi is an extraordinary city on the rise. Old Batumi is now blending with the ultra-modern side of the city, where global hotel brands are rapidly expanding not only in Batumi but all along the northern coast in Kobuleti, Gonio, Kvariati, Sarpi, Chakvi, Anaklia, Ureki, Shekvetili, and Grigoleti. These resorts, which attract millions of visitors and an ever-increasing international clientele in search of fun and entertainment, are the setting for the most exciting investment projects. Read more about Adjara here.

Investment In Tourism Georgia Country: Winter Ski Resorts

The mountains of the Great Caucasus represent 80% of Georgia’s territory. The main mountain resorts of Georgia are Gudauri, Bakuriani, Mestia (in Svanetia), and Goderdzi (in Adjara). Most of the mountain resorts have 5-6 months of snow cover. The infrastructure has been considerably improved and developed in the last few years, attracting an international clientele. The ski resort sector is in development, very dynamic, and remains a good investment opportunity. If you want to know more about good real estate options and real estate investment Georgia Country, don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants.