Visit, Live, And Work in Georgia Country:
Discover How Easy And Pleasant It Is.

Visit, Live, And Work in Georgia Country: Discover How Easy And Pleasant It Is.
Visit, Live, And Work in Georgia Country: Discover How Easy And Pleasant It Is.

If you want to live and work in Georgia Country, for a whole year, without any permit or visa, Georgia is one of the most open countries in the world.

Indeed, Citizens of more than 100 countries may stay or work in Georgia Country for one year without getting any visa or residence permit. All Europeans, the British, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Kiwis, and many others can enter visa-free for up to a year.

For others, the Georgian Government has approved a list of 50 countries whose passport holders can travel to Georgia with a visa for a limited period (usually 30-90 days) and under appropriate conditions. The Georgian Government provides an online platform to check whether or not you need a visa to travel to Georgia based on your nationality here.

This progressive immigration policy opens up many opportunities for anyone who wants to work in Georgia Country and from Georgia, making this lovely country a very interesting base camp to develop your international business.


Visit, Stay, And Work In Georgia Country


Visit Georgia Country

Tourism is one of the most flourishing sectors of the Georgian economy. Georgia has recently gained recognition internationally, hailed by multiple awards. National Geographic, the Lonely Planet travel guide, and the Global Travel Awards named Georgia in their Top 10 destinations.

Well connected to the European Union and Middle East countries, nestled in the Caucasus mountains and bordered by the shores of the Black Sea, Georgia has everything a traveler could dream of: mountains with eternal snow, lakes and alpine meadows, natural canyons full of flowers and fruits, sea coasts full of palm trees, renowned mineral waters. Georgian unspoiled and breathtaking nature offers the most adventurous itineraries, and each season is perfect to visit Georgia Country.


Hospitality In Georgia Country

Located at the gateway to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, Georgia is an intriguing blend of Western and Eastern influences with an authentic European lifestyle and legendary hospitality. There is much to discover with warm and welcoming Georgians in history, culture, and adventure. Georgians are hospitable and will share everything with their guests. For Georgians, a guest “is a gift from God.”


Gastronomy In Georgia Country

Georgian Gastronomy is an extraordinary mix of Eastern and Western flavors. Georgian cuisine impresses with its authenticity, freshness, and intensity. Each region has developed its traditions and contributed to the unique Georgian culinary identity. Once you visit Georgia Country, you will understand why Georgian cuisine is considered one of the healthiest and best globally for its diversity and taste. Georgian cuisine is just wonderful. 


Wines In Georgia Country

Georgia has a world-class wine culture. If one day you plan to live and work in Georgia country, and if you are a wine lover, Georgia is a real paradise. For millennia, viticulture and wine have been the driving force of Georgian spirit and culture. Indeed, Georgia is the historical cradle of winemaking more than 8000 years ago. Georgian wines are very distinctive. Georgia has a unique winemaking technique in a clay jar, the Qvevri. Listed as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, qvevri wine is a living symbol of the deep roots of Georgian wine and the authenticity of Georgian viticulture.


Stay In Georgia Country

Suppose you are one of the 100 nationalities who can come to Georgia with a free visa. In that case, you also have the right to live and work in Georgia Country for up to one year without special administrative formalities. You must leave Georgia a few days before your deadline to reset your counter and get a new authorization to stay for one year. During this year, you can travel in and out of the country. You can buy real estate property without any restrictions, and you can work in Georgia Country without any special authorizations or permits.


Work In Georgia Country

For a whole year, foreigners from these 100 countries can work in Georgia Country. They can start a business, practice their profession, and develop economic activity. This 1-year free visa is unique and reflects Georgia’s progressive immigration policy. 

Thanks to the Georgian territorial tax regime and low taxes for individuals and companies, Georgia could be one of the best countries for you to structure your international business from Georgia and make Georgia your favorite base camp. Even without being a resident, if you receive income from your work performed within Georgia, it is likely to be taxed, often at 1% if well structured.


Obtain A Work Permit In Georgia.

While some foreign nationals can enter the country without a visa and stay for up to one year, you will need to apply for a work permit if you wish to engage in salaried work in Georgia Country for a longer period.

The same applies to citizens of foreign countries that are not part of the free visa (100 free-visa countries  mentionned above). If they wish to settle in Georgia and work in Georgia Country for more than a year, they must follow the general rules regarding legal employment and obtaining a work permit in Georgia.

For these individuals, the first step will be to determine if they need a visa to enter the country. Secondly, they will need to apply for a permit to stay in Georgia for employment purposes, allowing them to stay and work in Georgia country during its validity period.


Work in Georgia Country: The work visa

A Georgia work permit or immigration visa allows the holder to work in Georgia Country as an employee, self-employed person, or entrepreneur. The permit is issued according to the purpose of the stay. In the case of professional activity, it is common that the applicant has obtained a job before the application is submitted to the Georgian administration or that the applicant has already determined their entrepreneurial activity in Georgia.

The D1 visa is dedicated to these foreign persons (ouside the free-visa countries) who come to the Government for work purposes, either for contractual work or for entrepreneurial activities. Once the employment contract is signed, the employer will be required by law to inform the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the hiring of an immigrant. Obtaining a work visa may be the first step for a person who wishes to acquire Georgian citizenship.