Georgia Country Wines: A Vibrant Wine Industry And A World-Class Wine Culture

Georgia Country Wines: A Vibrant Wine Industry And A World-Class Wine Culture
Georgia Country Wines: A Vibrant Wine Industry And A World-Class Wine Culture
Georgia Country wines are one of the best in the world. Indeed, Georgia is not a wine country like any other. Georgia has a world-class wine culture. The Georgian wine industry is dynamic, and the exports of Georgian country wines are rising. Wines of Georgia Country are a good opportunity for foreign investors who want to market Georgian wines in the dynamic Asian markets or western countries.

Georgia Country :  The World Cradle Of Viticulture

Georgia is the country that first domesticated the vine over 8,000 years ago. Wine production flourished in Georgia as early as the High Antiquity. The latest archaeological research in 2018 discovered clay jars containing the oldest residues of pure wine of the famous Rkatsiteli grape variety. Georgia is now widely recognized as the “World Cradle Of Viticulture” and the “Birthplace Of Wine”.

Georgia Country Wines : The Cult Of The Vine

Wine and Georgia are two words that are inextricably linked. Georgia has some of the oldest and most distinguished vineyards globally, producing some of the most distinctive wines in the world. Viticulture has been the driving force of Georgian spirit and culture for thousands of years. Georgian winemakers cultivate their vines with passion and have a world-class wine culture.

Georgia Country Wines : An Extraordinary Heritage Of Native Grape Varieties

Georgia has an incredible wealth of indigenous grape varieties. More than 500 varieties, almost one-sixth of the world’s recorded grape types, including endangered varieties, are found in Georgia. About 50 are currently in commercial production. Today, more than 70% of the wine is produced in Kakheti, the main wine-growing region of Georgia.

An 8000 Year Old Winemaking Method

The traditional Georgian method in qvevri, a clay jar, follows a process developed over 8,000 years ago. This clay jar winemaking is so closely linked to Georgian culture that in 2013, UNESCO recognized it as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  Qveri Wines of Georgia Country are among the most unique in the world.

Worldwide Recognition for Georgia Country Wines

 This worldwide recognition of the traditional Georgian method has given a new impetus to Georgian Country wines. The popularity of Georgian wine today is global, whether in Europe, the United States, or Asia. Georgian wine is an increasingly popular choice among wine lovers, sommeliers, and producers interested in Georgian wine’s natural and authentic flavors. Many consider this trip a “return to the roots” to the original soul of wine.

Georgia Country Wines: Exports On The Rise

Georgia exported 107 million bottles of wine to 62 countries in 2021, a new record. 19% increase compared to 2020 generating $250 million (+18% YoY 2020.) 441 Georgian companies exported wine made by thousands of passionate wine producersin 2021 Wine exports have increased by 360% compared to 2012.

2021 Exports In Numbers Of Georgia Country Wines

In 2021, Exports of Georgian wines increased to the following countries:
  • Czechia + 646% (147,236 bottles)
  • Mongolia + 316% (406,690 bottles)
  • Turkey + 156% (107,226 bottles)
  • Canada + 132% (295,888 bottles)
  • UK + 73% (535,264 bottles)
  • Sweden + 65% (89,280 bottles)
  • Lithuania + 56% (875,510 bottles)
  • Israel + 52% (404,827 bottles)
  • Kazakhstan + 37% (3,352,200 bottles)
  • France + 31% (65,416 bottles)
  • Poland +30% (5 002 320 bottles)

2022 Exports In Numbers Of Georgia Country Wines

  • In January 2022, Georgia exported 5,3 million bottles of wine to 35 countries.
  • +51% YoY January 2021.
  • The exports generated $11.6 million + 43 %
  • A total of 123 companies exported wine from Georgia in January 2022.

Most dynamic export destinations for Georgian country wines = first quarter 2022

In january 2002 The volume of exports increased in strategic markets for Georgian Country wines:
  • China – 278,493 bottles (+514%)
  • Japan – 17,280 bottles (+482%)
  • United States – 79,890 bottles (+245%)
  • Sweden – 19,590 bottles (+234%)
  • Kazakhstan – 99,672 bottles (+106%)
  • Lithuania – 117,588 bottles (+114%)
  • Poland – 502,986 bottles (+103%)
  • Estonia – 64,344 bottles (+102%)
  • Ukraine – 574,566 bottles (+93%)
  • Netherlands – 18,270 bottles (+74%)
  • United Kingdom – 42,528 bottles (+35%)
  • Russia – 3,204,979 bottles (+34%)
  • Mongolia – 40,884 bottles (+23%)
  • Latvia – 92,892 bottles (+22%)
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